AEW to Implement ‘Soft Roster Split’ for New Show Collision

AEW is set to debut a new show on TNT called Collision, which will provide the opportunity for its roster to be showcased on television. However, the company has revealed a plan to handle the distribution of television time on the new program.

Although AEW talent were not invited to the Warner Bros Discovery upfront presentations, they are still expected to be a significant focus of the event, with CM Punk expected to be a part of the show.

According to Sean Sapp from Fightful, AEW Collision, and its associated roster split, will be announced soon, with the belief being that a “soft roster split” will be implemented for the new program.

Initially, it was thought that there would be a soft roster split for both AEW Dynamite and Collision, providing talent who didn’t get along with the chance to work on separate shows without conflict. However, we have heard that talent are expecting a hard brand split, although there are expected to be many exceptions, including many AEW Champions. It is unclear how the split will be determined or whether there will be a draft, but the current working plan is a firm brand split with some exceptions.

Multiple sources have indicated that the return of several previously absent talent was strategically planned to coincide with the debut of the new show. In addition to this, many returning superstars will benefit from increased television time thanks to Collision.

Furthermore, insiders have suggested that while AEW Rampage will be filmed with Dynamite tapings, and ROH with Collision tapings, the early graphics associated with Collision will have a WCW Nitro influence.

It remains to be seen whether wrestling fans will tune in to catch the Collision show on a weekly basis since they already have a lot of programming to choose from. Nevertheless, AEW is confident in its ability to draw viewers to the program.

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