AEW Wrestlers Surprised at CM Punk’s Absence During Collision Announcement on June 17th

AEW recently announced the premiere of their latest TV show, Collision, which is scheduled to air on June 17th. While CM Punk’s presence was anticipated, he was not included in the announcement, which came as a shock to many fans and wrestlers alike.

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Despite not being invited to the Warner Bros. Discovery upfront presentations, AEW was still the focus of attention at the event held at The Theater at Madison Square Garden. The organization’s new television series, Collision was introduced, providing fans with another show to anticipate. It will occupy two live hours of airtime every Saturday.

According to PW Insider, many AEW wrestlers were surprised when they heard about CM Punk’s absence from the Collision announcement. Given his expected involvement in the show, this news came as a surprise.

“There was a lot of surprise among AEW talents today when CM Punk was not announced for Collision. We are told that as late as last night, Punk was expected by many to be front and center for the Collision reveal.”

AEW has yet to announce CM Punk’s involvement with their company officially. Nevertheless, it’s widely believed that he will make an appearance during the debut episode of AEW’s Collision in Chicago.

This has created an intriguing twist since CM Punk’s return may result in a roster split. It remains to be seen how AEW will handle this development as they prepare for their upcoming Saturday show.

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