Bob Arum Discusses Concerns Over Gervonta Davis vs. Shakur Stevenson Fight

Bob Arum recently spoke about his concerns over the potential purse expectations for a fight between Gervonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson. According to Arum, if both fighters have high expectations and want guaranteed money, this could pose a significant risk to promoters, who could potentially lose a lot of money if the fight does not perform well.

Arum has a formula where fighters take a “good guarantee” and take an upside for pay-per-view revenue. If the fight goes well, then the fighters will make more money. However, the formula requires agreement from both fighters, which could be a stumbling block for a fight between Davis and Stevenson.

Arum emphasizes that promoters need to be careful not to lose money on fights, as it could potentially lead to the end of the promotion for that particular sport. That’s why he believes that both fighters need to be careful in their expectations, and promoters need to be careful not to overextend themselves.

Arum believes that the formula worked well for Devin Haney and Vasily Lomachenko, and other fighters need to follow suit. Ultimately, the deal needs to make sense for everyone involved, and both fighters need to agree to a formula that makes it possible for promoters to take a calculated risk and come out ahead without losing a lot of money.

Arum is not opposed to working with other promoters, including Al Haymon of PBC and Eddie Hearn of DAZN, as long as the deal makes sense and there is a realistic chance of success. The bottom line is that promoters need to be careful and not take reckless risks that could hurt the bottom line.

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