English Premier League 2022-23: Tragedy Chanting By Chelsea Fans Condemned By The League

The Premier League criticized a section of Chelsea fans for their “tragedy chanting” during the 0-0 draw against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge, saying it is an “unacceptable issue.”

Some Chelsea supporters could be heard during the second half Tuesday directing taunts at the traveling Liverpool contingent, relating to the Hillsborough Stadium disaster in 1989 that resulted in the deaths of 97 Liverpool fans.

“The Premier League condemns the tragedy chanting heard at (the) match between Chelsea and Liverpool,” the league said late Tuesday, adding it was seeking to address the problem “as a priority.”

Chelsea released a statement after the game, apologizing to Liverpool fans and saying “hateful chanting has no place in football.”

Liverpool said that type of chanting “has to stop” for the sake of those “who continue to suffer as a result of football tragedies.”

On Saturday, Manchester City was forced to apologize for hateful chanting by some of its fans during the 4-1 win over Liverpool.

City said it would be working with supporter groups and officials from both clubs in a bid to eradicate hateful chanting from future games between the teams.

Last month, Liverpool and Manchester United jointly called on their fans to end hateful chanting ahead of their match at Anfield.

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