Fanta NBA, M20 Tips

The big match between the Nets and 76ers is just 2 days away, which is what we first notice about M20. From the Dunkest point of view, this matchday is quite interesting. Let’s take a look at our advice:


Jrue Holiday (Milwaukee Bucks, 13.5 CR): The Bucks seem to be returning to the war machine they were in the last few years. All the players have raised the level of their game, and Jrue can do everything: points, assists and also rebounds. Great pick!

Malik Beasley (Minnesota Timberwolves, 10.8 CR): The Timberwolves are one of the worst teams in the league, but surely absences weighed heavily on the economy of the team. Malik, however, carried the team on his shoulders and became the leader of the team awaiting the return of towns. At this price, he is surely a good bet.

LaMelo Ball (Charlotte Hornets, 10.4 CR): The youngest of the Ball’s in the league seems to have very little in common with Lonzo and is showing us great things. For Dunkest, he is a player to be followed carefully. He can become a 30 point average man soon.


Gordon Hayward (Charlotte Hornets, 13.5 CR): The Hornets have a really good match against the Washington from the Dunkest point of view. So here we go with Hayward too. He is the leader of the team, and if they want to win, a lot of points must pass through his hands.

RJ Barrett (New York Knicks, 10.7 CR): The Knicks’ sophomore is one of the best surprises of the year, together with Randle, is dragging his team to an unexpected playoff run. Against the surely not impassable Portland defense, a great score can arrive.

Kelly Oubre Jr (Golden State Warriors, 9.9 CR): I never thought I’d recommend him in the last month, but it’s time to do it. He was absolutely devastating against Dallas, and we want to trust him because the next Warriors’ game is with the Mavs. Let’s go, Kelly!


Bam Adebayo (Miami Heat, 16.0 CR): The Miami Heat seen in the last 2 months are another team than those who played the Finals in October, but with the recovery of Butler and the others who missed a lot of games, they can finally return to play their best basketball, of which Bam is a protagonist. He is back to his best, and it’s time to rely on him again.

Enes Kanter (Portland Trail Blazers, 9.9 CR): Without Nurkic, his performance grows exponentially. He is really cheap. Betting on him in this matchday is almost mandatory.

Tristan Thompson (Boston Celtics, 9.0 CR): TT comes from 2 games with 20+ Dunkest points. Against PHX, he can continue with the positive trend, also because Ayton’s defense is really embarrassing.


Mike Budenholzer (Milwaukee Bucks, 11.2 CR): Like I said at the beginning of the article, the Bucks seem to be returning to the war machine they were in the last few years, and the Cavs are not the team who can stop them. 123-105 last night, another win is coming!

Mark Deignault (Oklahoma City Thunder, 5.5 CR): In the back-to-back against the TWolves, the first round went to Minnie, so Horford and company surely want to make up for it. Our bet this time goes to the Thunder.

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