FIH Announces Continental Quotas for Paris 2024 Olympic Qualifiers

The qualification process for the Paris Olympics is to have 12 participating teams each in the men’s and women’s competitions as laid down by the FIH.

If France also clinches the EuroHockey Championship 2023 trophy, then the nation that finishes at second place will not subsequently qualify. The quota place, in that case, will be allocated to the FIH Hockey Olympic Qualification Tournaments.

For the remaining six places, the FIH will conduct two Hockey Olympic Qualification Tournaments, each consisting of eight teams (16 teams in total), in early 2024.

The FIH will determine the number of teams from each continent to participate in these tournaments based on Continental quotas which will be decided as per the FIH World Rankings on January 31, 2023.

The teams qualifying for the Hockey Olympic Qualification Tournament will be determined based on their performance at the Continental Championships. The top three teams in each of the qualification tournaments will proceed to the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Continental quotas for Women’s Olympic Qualifiers-

Africa: 0

Asia: 4

Europe: 8

Oceania: 1

Pan America: 3

Continental quotas Men’s Olympic Qualifiers-

Africa: 1

Asia: 5

Europe: 7

Oceania: 1

Pan America: 2

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