Jim Ross Shares Concerns Over WWE’s Presentation of Talent Across Both Brands Following Brand Split

Wrestling icon Jim Ross recently voiced his opinion on the concept of brand split and its application in WWE during an episode of “Grillin’ JR.” While he applauded the idea of brand split in theory, he expressed concern about its execution in practice.

Ross prefers a pure brand split, where Superstars drafted to RAW compete solely on that brand, and vice versa. He believes doing so will create a sense of stability in the roster while giving lesser-known wrestlers ample opportunity to showcase their talent and shine.

“I like the brand split if it’s pure. In other words, if you’re drafted to Raw, you’re on Raw,” JR explained. He believes that a clear separation between the brands can create a sense of stability, and give lesser-exposed talent the chance to shine.

“I was not opposed to the brand split [in 2002] in general, but I really believe that to make it successful, it had to be a pure brand extension. It had to be pristine.” JR blames compromises made by creative on blurring the lines between the brands, he also believes it muddies the water on who the real WWE world champion is, as there are two titles, or in the case of modern-day WWE, three titles.

However, Ross worries that WWE is compromising the brand split’s ideals by blurring the lines between the two and allowing talent to appear on both shows. He believes this muddies the waters when it comes to identifying the true WWE world champion, particularly in a landscape with multiple titles.

“It’s confusing for the fans sometimes. It’s hard to justify the brand split when you’re in this scenario.”

Ross also raised the challenges of wrestler relationships and friendships during the draft. Individuals may lose their travel companion or even significant others due to their brand assignment. While Ross acknowledges the potential benefits of the brand split, he stressed its importance in maintaining consistent branding and division between the brands for its success.

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