Michael B Jordon Didn’t Think He Could Direct Until He Worked With Ryan Coogler

Hollywood star Michael B. Jordon, who dabbled in direction for the first time with ‘Creed 3’, said that for him, directing was something that he didn’t think was possible until working with Ryan Coogler.

Having familiar faces in front of and behind the camera wasn’t lost on first-time director Jordan, who revels in having fulfilled a long-held dream.

“Directing, for me, was something that I didn’t think was possible until working with Ryan Coogler,” he said.

“The first time I stepped on set for ‘Fruitvale Station’ and saw a young black man from a similar place as me, around my age, directing a feature film, I saw myself in him. And Ryan eventually told me, ‘Mike, there’s no right time for this – when you find something that speaks to you, just jump for it and go for it.’ I’ve been quietly watching and learning, listening, and putting together things that inspire and excite me. And that’s what I did with ‘Creed III’.”

Warner Bros. Pictures is all set to release part 3 of the ‘Creed’ franchise, headlined by Michael B.Jordon, pan India on March 3, 2023.

After dominating the boxing world, Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordan) has been thriving in both his career and family life. When a childhood friend and former boxing prodigy, Damian (Jonathan Majors), resurfaces after serving a long sentence in prison, he is eager to prove that he deserves his shot in the ring.

The face-off between former friends is more than just a fight. To settle the score, Adonis must put his future on the line to battle Damian – a fighter who has nothing to lose. Creed III is the third installment in the successful franchise and is Michael B.Jordan’s directorial debut.

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