Paul London Claims Bully Ray Coerced Him to Sleep with a Fan or Face Consequences

Paul London, who joined WWE in 2003 and was known for his talent, recently made a startling claim about Bully Ray, a former WWE Superstar. Paul had interacted with many fellow wrestlers during his tenure in the company, including Bully Ray, also known as Bubba Ray Dudley. The two had worked together closely before Dudley’s departure in 2005. At that time, the Dudley Boyz were feuding with London and Billy Kidman for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Apparently, London’s relationship with Bully Ray was less than favorable. While speaking with Wrestling Then And Now, he revealed that he had no real association with Bully Ray. In fact, he went on to claim that Bully Ray had threatened him to sleep with a female fan or face the consequences.

London shared a story of how Bully Ray threatened him at a Hooters. London said, “We were there [at Hooters] with the boys and they invited us over to the table to sit with them, The Dudleyz, and stuff. There were some female fans that were trying to talk to us. And I remember Bubba was like, ‘if you don’t take this girl back home and mess with her, like if you don’t sleep with her tonight, you and I are gonna have heat forever.’ And maybe he really meant it because I didn’t do anything, but I don’t know that he would have known that, but we just never get along.”

Paul London also talked about his negative experience working with Hulk Hogan, but for him, what matters most is his unpleasant relationship with Bully Ray.

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