Sebastian Vettel Fined 25,000 Euros For Walking Out Of Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix Drivers’ Briefing

Sebastian Vettel, four-time Formula One champion, on Saturday has been fined 25,000 euros after the Aston Martin driver walked out of the drivers’ briefing at the Red Bull Ring without permission and expressed frustration.

According to International Sporting Code and Sporting Regulations, no drivers are allowed to skip the meeting and must stay for the duration. Vettel was summoned by FIA after the second F1 sprint at the Austrian Grand Prix to discuss the matter.

Vettel apologised for his behaviour but the stewards said, the breach ‘cannot go without penalty’. In a statement, the Stewards said, “Drivers at this level are role models for every driver around the world and in the opinion of the Stewards Vettel failed to live up to that standard in this case.

“Subsequently Vettel had a meeting with the Race Director, who informed the Stewards that Vettel apologised without reservation, and that further, they had a very constructive conversation covering the topics in the meeting and more.

“The Stewards determine that there is a breach, which cannot go without penalty, but that based on the report from the Race Director there are factors in mitigation. Therefore, the Stewards order a fine of €25,000, which is suspended for the remainder of the 2022 season.”

However, Vettel retired from the F1 sprint following the damage to his car after it spun into the gravel due to contact with Williams’ Alex Albon earlier in the race. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen comfortably won the sprint race from pole on Saturday.

Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr almost collided as they scrapped behind Verstappen. The Dutch made a clean start and was untroubled thereafter over 23 laps of the 4.3-kilometer (2.7-mile) Red Bull Ring packed with orange-clad Dutch fans setting off orange flares and cheering on the Formula One champion.

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