Tips for Fantasy NBA Round 6 from Dunkest

Round 6 has three rounds. In this regard, we will try to choose players from each one of the three rounds. However, we caution that there are many rookies in this round. Note that the Golden State Warriors will rest and receive their average score.


Dejounte Murray (San Antonio Spurs, 13.6 cr): DeRozan’s move to Chicago to play for the Bulls has put Murray on the spot. Pop, the coach of the San Antonio Spurs, counts on Murray to secure victory. Dejounte’s dowry includes points, assists, rebounds, steals and a strong possibility of making a triple-double.

Cade Cunningham (Detroit Pistons, 11.3 cr): Hallelujah! Finally, the number 1 pick of the 2021 draft made his debut after a five-game injury-related absence. Expectations are high, and we hope that the Pistons’ first win of the season on the day of his debut was not a coincidence. Time to shake off the rust and shine, Cade!


Jimmy Butler (Miami Heat, 17.4 cr): Jimmy Buckets is a guarantee. Miami plays against Mavs in round 3, and he could be an emergency captain for our team.

Scottie Barnes (Toronto Raptors, 11.1 cr): Barnes, the second rookie of this NBA round, is taking advantage of Siakam’s absence to show off his talent. He is the second player in franchise history to score 100 points in his first six games, and he has scored two solid double-doubles in seven games. With Pascal Siakam’s return, Coach Nurse will have a tough decision to make.


Richaun Holmes (Sacramento Kings, 13.5 cr): This center from Illinois has been in a state of grace with three double-doubles in five games, 75.6 FG%, and 1.8 BLK. Holmes may face a tough challenge against Doncic, but he could make an impact in the paint.

Evan Mobley (Cleveland Cavaliers, 11.8 cr): The 2021 Draft gave us more than just a couple of valuable rookies. Evan Mobley is one of them. We initially thought he would play as a reserve for Jarrett Allen, but he earned a starting slot. The potential is there, and we are excited to see him play.


Steve Nash (Brooklyn Nets, 9.1 cr): At this price and against the Detroit Pistons, it’s a golden opportunity. We hope the Nets don’t waste it.

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