top 10 money earning game apps without investment

Apps NamesDownload Here
1.Roz Dhan Download Now
2.Money LootDownload Now
3.Live QuizDownload Now
4.mGamerDownload Now
5.GALODownload Now
6.Google Opinion RewardsDownload Now
7.TolokaDownload Now
8.Pocket MoneyDownload Now
9.Money BallDownload Now
10.Cash BossDownload Now

1. Roz Dhan

You all must have heard the name of Roz Dhan, you must have heard the name of this app on YouTube or on many other platforms, Roz Dhan is a very big platform to earn money, or yes but you can earn a lot of money that too without Invest a penny, you can win a lot of money for free, like Jessie’s Carrom, Fruit Cut, Chess, you can earn money by playing Roz Dhan app, that too while sitting at home in Roz Dhan app, you can also make money by Refer and Earn You can earn, that is, you can earn money by sharing the app with your friends. Which is called Refer And Earn, you can withdraw the money earned in the App, you can take money immediately in your Paytm WalletDownload the app now.

2. Money Loot

Money Loot friends, in this app you can earn a lot of money sitting at home, this is an app that will change your life, in this app I will tell you how to earn money, how to earn money very easily, it is in you. You have to earn money by visiting people’s website, you have to earn money by subscribing to people’s channel, and you can also earn money by sending links to friends, and in this app you can also earn money by completing tasksDownload the app now.

3. Live Quiz

Live Quiz In this app you will be asked some questions, for which you do not have to give the correct answer, but you will get money by telling the correct answer to the question, the game is very easy, only you have to pay little attention to the game, so that you are good Earn a lot of money, and you will also get the option in this app to earn money as you can earn a lot of money by sending links to nearby friends, download the app now.

4. mGamer

mGamer is a very big plat from, it is very easy to earn money and you can earn a lot of money from home, mGamer you get to watch a lot of games, in mGamer you mGamer In this app you can earn up to ₹ 20 by making referrals , i.e. you can send it to your friend and put your referral code inside it and earn ₹ 20 for the referrer, if you send even 5 people a day, ₹ you can earn 100 per day, and you can get more people Like you can send 10 to 20 people in a day, If you send 20 people, use your referral code in them. If yes then your earning is ₹ 400 per day and ₹ 12,000 per month, you can come for the month, download the app now.


With Galo, you can play 100+ games on your mobile to win great prizes. With Gallo’s great gaming experience, you’ll want to play more and win more. You also get a referral bonus for every referral you make. Which you can earn money by using in your game, you don’t even need to put ₹ 1 from your pocket, so download the app now to win a lot of money.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards In this app you can play by completing delete(task), you get ₹10 for completing Haridas, which you can withdraw to your video wallet instantly, in this app you can earn by referring and earning You can earn money too. Earn, even if you earn ₹ 100 in this day, that is, if you complete 10 tasks of the day, then you can earn up to ₹ 3000 in a month, that is, you can earn up to ₹ 3000 by completing daily tasks, You can do without investing money.Download the app now.

7. Toloka

Toloka is a very big platform, I can earn you in dollars. I will tell you all how to do it, I will ask you some easy task, for which you have to answer correctly,

 Will give you $ 0.50 to complete one task, which is ₹ 35 in Indian Rupeesi.e. if you complete 10 (Task) of the day then you can earn ₹ 350 every day. That is, you canearn money up to ₹ 10,000 per month.

8. Pocket Money

Pocket Money This app is very easy and very robbing for all of you, and how you all can earn money without spending a single penny, so first of all you all should download the app, right? After download you don’t have to log in to Wus app with your number then you will see a lot of apps and you will not earn money by downloading those apps whichever app you download, by reading all of you below that app You can earn money by downloading information and apps. Download the app now.

9. Money Ball

 So all of you must have heard the app with Moneyball, in this you have to play a simple game, in which you will come in rank 1,2,3, you will get money on all three ranks, which will be sent to your Paytm immediately. You can take it in the wallet, within 24 hours the money is delivered to your paytm wallet, and you can also earn money by sharing it with your friends, your referral code has to be put inside your friend’s mobile, then only you Everyone will get paid, download the app now.

10. Cash Boss

With Cash Boss, you can recharge your mobile by earning money from Cash Boss, you can also earn money from Paytm Wallet, you can earn money by sharing it with friends, to recharge from home. Best way, download the app now.

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