top 10 money transfer apps in india

Online payment apps are mobile-based applications that allow users to make or receive payments digitally without using paper currency. These digital apps facilitate UPI- (Unified Payment Interface) based superquick payments, which involves sending or receiving money or scanning a quick response (QR) code to pay an individual or a merchant. In this blog, we have listed out 10 best payment apps in India in 2023 based on various parameters including, safety, user-friendly interface, ratings and more!

Here is the list of best online payment apps 2023:

Online Payment AppPlay Store Rating
Google Pay 4.0
BHIM 4.5
Amazon Pay4.5
Samsung Pay 4.4
Airtel Thanks4.4

1. BHIM (Bharat Interface for Money)

Launched by and managed under the NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India), BHIM is a UPI(United Payments Interface) app just like Google Pay, PhonePe etc. A worthwhile thing to note here is that BHIM is managed by the same entity which launched the UPI technology. Even after being backed by the NPCI, BHIM is not the market leader in the UPI arena. But it works fine enough, plus it has been specially designed to suit the needs of Indian demography. It is one of the best online transaction apps in India.

2. Paytm

One of the most successful online payment applications in the Indian fintech industry. Paytm offers perhaps the widest range of options one could pay for; from mobile recharge to municipal tax, from electricity bills to school fees and much more. After demonetisation, Paytm became an everyday thing for almost every Indian, especially among fast food stalls and vendors. But since UPI, the payments space has been a little competitive with players like PhonePe, Google Pay etc. Paytm offers both B2B and B2C payment services.

3. Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a payment service offered by Amazon that allows users to pay for purchases on websites and mobile applications using the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon account. This service provides a convenient and secure way for users to make purchases without the need to re-enter their payment information for every transaction. With Amazon Pay, users can make payments on third-party websites that offer the Amazon Pay option at checkout. 

4. BharatPe

The fintech company which disrupted the B2B UPI payments market. BharatPe offers ‘Offline’ payment solutions for businesses like your local juice shop, pharmacy store etc. Its offerings include UPI QR Code, and PoS machines(the card swipe machine). BharatPe charges 0% commission on payments routed through their products, allowing small businesses to have all the revenue they make. This in turn encourages businesses to accept cashless payments, as they’re usually hesitant about card payments due to charges linked to them.

5. Cred

One of the latest, yet disruptive financial products in the Indian fintech industry. Cred is a credit card bill payment platform, where one could pay the bills for one or more credit cards at one single point. One of the biggest features of this application is that apart from providing credit card bill payment service, Cred also informs the users about hidden charges associated with credit cards and their bills. This enables the user to be better informed about the charges associated with the card they are using. Furthermore, Cred allows individuals to avail rewards through cashbacks on every Cred credit card bill payment.

Cred calls itself a club, hence everyone is not allowed in their fraternity. To sign up on this platform, one compulsorily needs to have a credit score of 750 or above.

6. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay allows you to add your debit or credit card to it, after which you can use Samsung Pay to pay from your credit/debit card at online or offline channels, erasing the need to physically carry your cards with you. This application becomes quite handy for those people who have a lot of cards.

7. Airtel Thanks

This is one of the most fascinating and lesser-known products of the Indian fintech space. It is not an application, but a feature. *99# could also be called BHIM USSD. This means that by calling this number from their phone, anyone could make UPI payments without any need for the internet. This UPI feature was specially introduced for feature phone users. But it could prove to be helpful for smartphone users as well, in places with bad network coverage.

*Note: Using this feature costs ₹0.5 per transaction.

The telecom operator Airtel provides the Airtel Thanks app where people can access their bill details, perform recharges and send money, all in one app. Integrated with its other services, the app offers the Airtel Wallet that customers can use for shopping and recharges. In addition, customers can open a digital account with Airtel Payments Bank and earn 6% interest on their savings. The app also offers access to UPI services for easy payments.

8. Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the best payment apps in India considering that it has the highest installation count. It is eminent considering the number of facilities and the user-friendly interface provided by the app. 

The app allows you to directly execute transactions from your primary bank account without having to maintain a separate wallet. Furthermore, you can pay your utility bills, recharge your mobile phone, and easily transfer money to anyone including service providers, merchants or third parties.

In addition, Google Pay also rewards you with coupons and cashback with almost every transaction.

9. PhonePe

PhonePe efficiently allows you to send and receive money, pay bills, and recharge phones. However, it does not end here, it also allows you to invest in gold and mutual funds. PhonePe was introduced with the motive of providing a one-stop solution to all transactions and application facilities. Therefore, you can avail your favourite applications to book flights, order food, and buy groceries without having to download a separate application.

10. Freecharge

Freecharge powered by Axis Bank is one of the most widely used online transaction apps. It allows users to execute transactions including DTH bill payments, metro card recharge and investment in digital gold. Apart from the factors mentioned above, you can also invest in mutual funds, and avail Freecharge credit cards to earn rewards and vouchers.

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