top 10 nascar money makers

1. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Net Worth – $300 million

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is racing royalty, and his father’s legacy helped him climb the heights that he’s reached today. That’s not to say that Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t put in his share of work to achieve his successes — far from it. In fact, he’s more than proven himself on the track and has truly done justice to the Earnhardt name.

Dale Jr. has been voted NASCAR’s “Most Popular Driver” a consecutive 13 times from 2003 to 2015. He retired from NASCAR racing after 2017 Daytona 500.

Perhaps the most devastating moment in his time spent racing — the 2001 Daytona 500 crash that killed his father, Dale Earnhardt Sr. — shaped Dale Jr.’s career more than anything else. He emerged that day with grace and incredible composure and made a name for himself in the best way.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is one of the most recognized celebrity athletes in the world, and he also has a knack for doing business. Some of Dale Jr.’s ventures include owning racetracks, a media production company, auto dealerships, and a bar named Whisky River with multiple locations.

2. Jeff Gordon Net Worth – $210 million

Jeff Gordon now works as a Fox NASCAR announcer, but most people know him as the driver of the No. 24 Chevrolet from when he was still racing.

The first taste of racing that Jeff Gordon got was when his stepdad bought him a BMX bike when he was four — after that, nothing could stop him from pursing his passion. He went after it with zeal and the rest truly is racing history.

Jeff Gordon is one of the most esteemed NASCAR drivers and he’s cemented his place in pop culture as well. Many in the US who know little to nothing about race car driving still know the name “Jeff Gordon” — he not only helped make the sport more popular in the US, Gordon has been portrayed in everything from magazines and documentaries to cartoons and game shows.

When it comes to business, he plays it very smart, which has allowed Jeff Gordon to amass a fortune worth $210 million.

3. Jimmie Johnson Net Worth – $170 million

Jimmie Johnson is one of the richest NASCAR drivers of all time, and he’s one of the most well-recognized race car drivers in the world. Success may seem to come naturally for Jimmie Johnson, but it didn’t come easy.

His love for racing began when he was just 4 years old, and he started entering off-road series after graduating from high school. In the years since he has recorded a huge number of achievements, wins, and awards.

Jimmie Johnson has also been a part of many of the most memorable moments in NASCAR’s history, and the star driver isn’t exactly a stranger to controversy. His final NASCAR race was the 2020 Season Finale 500.

Johnson has made enough cameos in television shows, movies, music videos, and video games that he’s something of a pop culture figure. Few players have been as marketable as Jimmie Johnson is, which is part of why he’s worth $170 million.

Outside of his endorsements, business ventures, and incredible racing career, Jimmie Johnson is a charitable athlete who donates millions annually and often participates in charity events.

4. Tony Stewart Net Worth – $90 million

The only person to win an IndyCar and NASCAR championship is Tony Stewart. He’s become known around the world for his incredible racing talent and major wins. In 600 races over his long career, Stewart has earned 49 victories. 

Tony Stewart made a significant part of his money from endorsement deals with various companies.

He also has his own Sirius Satellite show, Tony Stewart Live, which he co-hosts with NASCAR reporter Matt Yocum. He retired from racing in 2016.

5. Kyle Busch Net Worth –  $80 million

Kyle Busch has made a lot of his money from racing, and he’s been a huge winner on the track. In 2020 Forbes listed him as the highest paid NASCAR driver. He earned $17.8 million from race prizes, salary and other sources. However, he also owns Kyle Busch Motorsports, which has enjoyed many victories since it debuted in 2010.

Aside from his NASCAR career, Kyle is known for being a generous donator to charities and worthy causes.

He is still actively racing and has won 60 races in the NASCAR Cup Series and 102 in the Xfinity Series.

6. Danica Patrick Net Worth – $80 million

Danica Patrick is the most successful woman in the history of professional racing, but most of her wealth didn’t come from her performance on the track.

Instead, she’s earned tens of millions as a model, spokeswoman, and as the face of many leading brands.

7. Mark Martin Net Worth – $75 million

Mark Martin is a living legend and one of the most world’s most storied NASCAR drivers. He had a career that spanned over 30 years and included over 880 races.

Few drivers have raced into their later years, but Mark Martin was on the track as recently as 2013. He hasn’t officially gone into retirement, but he is set to be inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame in 2017.

Much of Mark Martin’s wealth came from being involved in NASCAR, but he’s also the owner of four car dealerships.

8. Kurt Busch Net Worth –  $70 million

Many know Kurt Busch as the older brother of NASCAR driver Kyle Bush, but he’s also won 34 Cup races during his career. In 2004, Kurt beat Jimmie Johnson to become the 2004 Cup Series champion.

Though he’s definitely talented, Kurt Busch has gotten into some trouble on and off the track and he’s had a few notable public feuds with other NASCAR drivers.

After so many controversies and public attention, he’s currently trying to return to the racing game, although he never quit or retired from racing.

9. Kevin Harvick Net Worth – $70 million

Kevin Harvick is a full-time driver of the No. 4 Chevrolet SS in NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Series, as well as a part time driver of the No. 88 Chevrolet Camaro in NASCAR’s Xfinity Series.

He holds the all-time Cup Series win record and is the Xfinity Series’ third winningest driver. He is actively racing in NASCAR, as he participated in 2022 South Point 400.

Kevin Harvick’s dream of becoming a race car driver goes back to when he was in fifth grade, and his father helped him enter the sport when he was a bit older.

Racing legend Rick Mears was Kevin’s favorite driver when he was a kid, and Kevin has drawn inspiration from him during his career.

10. Carl Edwards Net Worth – $70 million

Carl Edwards drives Joe Gibbs Racing’s No. 19 Toyota Camry. His first championship win was the 2007 Busch Series, and his most recent was the 2015 Bojangles’ Southern 500.

Anytime Edwards wins a race fan expects him to do a backflip off his car, which is something he started doing at his first win by accident.

He raced over 445 times in his NASCAR Cup Series career, in which he has won 28 times.

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