top 10 quarters worth money

  1. 1822 Capped Bust – $35,250
  2. 1842-O Liberty Seated – $74,750
  3. 1824 Capped Bust – $141,000
  4. 1873-CC Liberty Seated – $176,250
  5. 1804 Draped Bust – $184,000
  6. 1870-CC Seated Liberty – $188,000
  7. 1823 Capped Bust – $246,750
  8. 1871-CC Seated Liberty – $352,500
  9. 1827 Capped Bust – $444,000
  10. 1796 Draped Bust – $1,527,500

1. 1822 Capped Bust Quarter

Auction Record: $35,250

1822 Capped Bust Quarter

The 1822 Capped Bust quarter is another quarter with two varieties, the normal date and the 25/50 where they reused 50 cent coins and re-struck the 25 cent denomination over them.  There are about 12 known Mint State examples of the normal date 1822 quarter.  The U.S. Mint had a tendency to reuse old coins at this time, so between 1822 and 1828 there are many re-strikes. In 2015, an MS64 Graded coin sold for $35,250.

2. 1842 O Liberty Seated Quarter

Auction Record: $74,750

1842-O Small Date Liberty Seated Quarter

The 1842 O Liberty Seated quarter has two varieties, the small date and the large date.  The small date 1842 O quarter is much more valuable than the large date.  To identify the small date, take a look at the number 8, the bottom of the 8 will be higher than the bottom of the 1 and the 4.  This is a key date in the Seated Liberty series and can be quite difficult to find in higher grades. In 2006, an MS63 Graded coin sold for $74,750.

3. 1824 Capped Bust Quarter

Auction Record: $141,000

1824 Capped Bust Quarter

The 1824 Capped Bust quarter is a coin that is considered scarce in all grades, and very rare in Mint State condition, making this a great addition to any collection and a coin highly sought after by coin collectors.  The Eliasberg Specimen is the finest known example.  An interesting fact about the 1824 Capped Bust quarter is that they are all overdates, but the overdate is usually barely visible. In 2015, an MS64 Graded coin sold for $141,000.

4. 1873 CC Liberty Seated Quarter

Auction Record: $176,250

1873-CC no arrows Seated Liberty Quarter

Out of all the 1873 quarter mintmarks, the quarters struck at the Carson City Mint are the most rare and valuable today.  The Carson City Mint produced only 12,462 Liberty Seated quarters in this year.  These coins are quite difficult to find and much desired among coin collectors. In 2015, an MS64 CAC graded coin sold for $176,250.

5. 1804 Draped Bust Quarter

Auction Record: $184,000

1804 Draped Bust Quarter

The 1804 Draped Bust Quarter is a valuable addition to any coin collection, with a total mintage of only 6,738 this is a pretty rare coin. This coin is valuable in almost any condition, but make sure to look out for high quality specimens considering top condition coins can bring in as much as $184,000.

6. 1870 CC Liberty Seated Quarter

Auction Record: $188,000

1870-CC Seated Liberty Quarter

The 1870 CC Liberty Seated quarter is certainly not the rarest of the Seated Liberty quarters, but is quite popular which makes it a bit difficult to obtain.  1870 was the first year that the Carson City Mint issued Seated Liberty quarters, which is what adds to this coin’s popularity.  There is only one single Mint State example known of this coin, that is the NGC graded MS64 Eliasberg Specimen. In 2015, an AU55 graded coin sold for $188,000.

7. 1823 Capped Bust Quarter

Auction Record: $246,750

1823 Capped Bust quarter image courtesy of Heritage Auctions,

1823 Capped Bust Quarter

All 1823 Capped Bust quarters are actually overdates, with a 3 over a 2.  This coin has a relatively low mintage of just 17,800, making it a scarce and valuable coin.  There are only about 30 of these coins that have been found and graded!  This is definitely a desirable and valuable coin addition to a collection. In 2015, an AU58 graded coin sold for $246,750.

8. 1871 CC Liberty Seated Quarter

Auction Record: $352,500

1871-CC Seated Liberty Quarter

The 1871 CC Liberty Seated quarter has one of the lowest mintages in the entire seated liberty quarter series, with only 10,890 produced.  Out of those 10,890 quarters, it’s speculated that only about 100 high quality coins exist today, making this a highly desirable and rare coin for any collection. In 2014, an MS65 graded coin sold for $352,500.

9. 1827 Capped Bust Quarter

Auction Record: $444,000

1827 Capped Bust Quarter

The 1827 Capped Bust quarter has two types, one more valuable than the other.  The first type is considered the “original” this coin is identified by looking at the two on the reverse of the quarter; the 2 of the first type has a “curl base”.  The second type is identified the same way, but this 2 has a square or straight base on the number two.  The first type, the original, is worth much more than the latter. In 2019, a curl base 2 PR65 graded coin sold for $444,000.

10. 1796 Draped Bust Quarter

Auction Record: $1,527,500

1796 Draped Bust quarter

The 1796 Draped Bust quarter is the first quarter produced by the United States, and is the only quarter that was produced in the 18th Century!  This quarter design, the Draped Bust Small Eagle was produced for only one year, which makes this quarter even more desirable.  The 1796 quarter also had a very small mintage, only 6,146 which makes this considerably more rare and valuable.  This coin can be quite difficult to find. In 2013, the finest known specimen graded MS67+ sold for a whopping $1,527,500!

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