Understanding Wildcard in Dunkest Fantasy Basketball

Wildcard is an essential tool in Dunkest Fantasy Basketball to keep your fantasy team competitive throughout the season. Each Matchday, you can change your team by selling and buying players through Trades, which come at a cost of -5pts (NBA) and -3pts (Euroleague) subtracted from the score.

The Wildcard, if activated, allows you to make unlimited trades without any penalties for a single Matchday. Each team has one Wildcard available for free, and you can purchase additional ones in the Advantages section.

You can activate the Wildcard by logging in to your team and using the On/Off switch. All the penalties due to Trades will be canceled for that Matchday, and you can make an unlimited number of trades for the remaining of the day without accumulating penalties.

There are two advantages available for purchase in the Advantages section of your fantasy team, which are Wildcards and Free Trades. The difference between Wildcard and Free Trades is that Wildcard is valid for one Matchday only and once activated, it is “consumed”. On the other hand, Free Trades (available for up to 5) are valid for all Matchdays of the entire season, and you can make up to the number of free trades you have each Matchday without receiving any penalties.

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