Virender Sehwag Urges BCCI To Embrace Bharat On Indian Cricket Jerseys Forward Of Cricket World Cup 2023

In a latest social media sensation, former Indian cricket star Virender Sehwag has taken to Twitter to voice his opinion on a burning controversy surrounding India’s nomenclature. With speculations of the nation being renamed from ‘India’ to ‘Bharat’ gaining momentum, Sehwag’s tweet has garnered vital consideration. On this article, we delve into Sehwag’s perspective and the broader implications of this debate as India prepares for the upcoming ICC World Cup.

Sehwag’s Plea: ‘Bharat’ Over ‘India’

In his tweet, Sehwag passionately advocates for the identify ‘Bharat’ to interchange ‘India’ on the jerseys worn by the Indian cricket group through the ICC World Cup. The cricketer contends that ‘Bharat’ is a reputation that ought to instill satisfaction in each Indian, because it represents the nation’s true id. Sehwag’s plea to the Board of Management for Cricket in India (BCCI) and Secretary Jay Shah to undertake ‘Bharat’ on the gamers’ jerseys resonates along with his perception in reclaiming India’s heritage.

A Historic Perspective

Sehwag factors out examples of different nations, just like the Netherlands and Myanmar, who’ve reverted to their unique names. In 1996, the Netherlands participated within the World Cup as ‘Holland,’ however by 2003, they had been acknowledged as ‘The Netherlands.’ Equally, Burma shed its British-imposed identify to turn out to be Myanmar. Sehwag argues that India, too, ought to embrace ‘Bharat’ as its official identify, shedding the colonial legacy of ‘India.’

The Controversy Surrounding the Title Change

The controversy surrounding the identify change started with a dinner invitation through the G20 summit, the place President Droupadi Murmu was known as the ‘President of Bharat’ as an alternative of the ‘President of India.’ This, coupled with the proposal to take away ‘India, that’s Bharat’ from Article 1 of the Structure, has sparked discussions about India’s id.

Sehwag’s Clarification on Politics

Amid the excitement surrounding his tweet, Sehwag made it clear that his stance on this subject is apolitical. Regardless of being approached by main political events up to now, he emphasised that he has no real interest in politics. In response to Sehwag, entertainers and sportsmen ought to chorus from getting into politics, as many usually pursue their very own pursuits reasonably than serving the folks.

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