WWE Ends Seth Rollins and Mustafa Ali Feud Early Due to Rollins’ Babyface Persona

Seth Rollins is currently on a winning streak and has a chance to make history as he battles for the World Heavyweight Championship at Night of Champions. His fans will surely root for him during the event.

During an episode of RAW that aired on October 17th, 2022, Ali confronted then-United States Champion Seth Rollins. This occurred after Ali was promised a title shot by the former champion, Bobby Lashley. Over the next few weeks, the two fighters engaged in intense brawls, captivating the WWE Universe.

However, the feud between Rollins and Ali took an unexpected turn when Bobby Lashley and Austin Theory emerged as the next challengers for the United States Championship. This change shifted the direction of the title picture and caused Rollins and Ali’s storyline to end abruptly.

While speaking to Metro, Mustafa Ali explained why he believed his program with Rollins was canceled.

“I don’t think it was a knock. What I think happened was, I was this babyface that wasn’t fully developed, so you have to reintroduce me as this contender. Even though Seth was this bad guy champion, he was blurring the lines where the fans were really starting to sing his song, and they had to make a decision. Do we lean into this, or does he commit to being the bad guy?”

Mustafa Ali will face GUNTHER in a big match at WWE Night of Champions, with the IC Title on the line. Despite being a major underdog, the Saudi Arabian fans will undoubtedly support him during the match.

The future of Mustafa Ali’s character is uncertain. He has a new positivity-themed gimmick that could open up new opportunities for him in WWE.

What do you think of Mustafa Ali’s wrestling career in WWE? Do you think he will receive a significant push in the future? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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