Boxing’s Winners and Losers: Who’s Active Today?

In boxing, it seems that the age of boxers winning 100 or more fights is over, but there are still those losing100 or more. At present, there are only ten active boxers with over 50 wins. Boxing historian Henry Hascup has listed the top 20 winners, while Ken Hissner has monitored the boxers losing 100 or more fights, along with boxers active with 50-plus wins.

Here are the top 20 winning boxers:

  • Len Wickwar, 340-87-43, from Leicester, UK, drew with Sonny Lee 154-53-5, Chuck Parker, 101-42-14, defeated Harry Mason, 129-40-15, Arthur Sadd, 58-4-8
  • Wildcat “The Golden Sapdstorm” Monte, 265-66-34, from Wichita Falls, TX
  • Harry “Pittsburgh Windmill” Greb, 262-17-18, from Pittsburgh, PA, the world middleweight champion from 1923-1926, the only boxer to defeat Gene Tunney as a light heavyweight and then go on to win the world heavyweight championship. Inducted into the BHOF.
  • Bill Bird, 260-73-20, from Chelsea, London
  • Young “King of the Canebrakes” Stribling, 256-16-17, from Macon, GA, IBHOF inductee
  • Jack Britton, 237-60-43, from Clinton, NY, defeated Maxie Rosenbloom, 170-31-17, IBHOF inductee
  • Ted “The Aldgate Sphinx” Kid Lewis, 230-46-23, from St. George’s, London, UK, IBHOF inductee, British and European champ
  • Willie “Will o’ the Wisp” Pep, 229-11-1, from Rocky Hill, CT, IBHOF inductee, and two-time world featherweight champion
  • Maxie “Slapsie Maxie” Rosenbloom, 224-44-28, from New York, IBHOF inductee
  • Sam “The Boston Bonecrusher” Langford, 211-44-53, from Boston, MASS, IBHOF inductee, the only man heavyweight champion Jack Dempsey feared. He defeated lightweight champ Joe Gans in a non-title bout and drew with welterweight champ Joe Walcott in a non-title bout
  • Freddie Miller, 210-30-7, from Cincinnati, OH, IBHOF inductee
  • George Rose, 208-38-4, from Bristol, UK, defeated Len Wickwar, then 205-59-32; George Bunter, 63-13-6; Arthur “Ginger” Saad, 67-8-8 and Dick Stubbings, 91-32-22.
  • World Junior Lightweight champion Johnny “Scotch Wop” Dundee, 200-73-46, from Italy and NY, IBHOF inductee, defeated Eddie Martin, 79-9-3, and Jack Bernstein, 44-6-5.
  • Battling Levinsky (Barney Williams), 196-54-38, from Phila., PA, IBHOF inductee, defeated Mike McTigue, 74-21-6; Leo Houck, 114-26-23 and Gunboat Smith, 71-21-7.
  • George “Tishy” Marsden, 196-101-41, from Nottingham, UK, defeated Cuthbert Taylor, 127-63-20, and Harry Edwards, 90-48-18.
  • Kid “Kid Chino” Azteca, 193-43-11, from Mexico City, fought in five decades. He defeated Fritzie Zivic, 156-64-9; Eddie Cerda, 102-48-20; and Bill McDowell, 86-44-18.
  • Benny “Little Fish” Bass, 191-41-9, from Ukraine and Phila., PA, IBHOF inductee. He defeated Tony Falco, 81-22-6; Eddie Cool, 74-16-9; Eddie Shea, 96-32-6; Johnny Jadick, 89-27-5 and Jimmy Leto, 86-10-10.
  • Alabama Kid, 191-59-21, from Dover, OH. He defeated Arturo Godoy, 86-19-9; Ron Richards, 94-23-9, and Gorilla Jones, 122-30-16.
  • Jim Learoyd, 178-51-28, from Leeds, UK. He defeated Harry Corbett, 140-46-23; Len Wickwar, 130-32-20; Dom Vollante, 88-22-9 and Johnny Ginger Curley, 124-26-16.
  • World Light Heavyweight champion Jack “Hoosier Bearcat” Dillon, 188-29-31, an IBHOF inductee. He defeated Al McCoy, 79-38-32, and Jack McCarron, 85-16-26.

Below are the top 20 losing boxers:

  • Kristian ‘Mr. Reliable’ Laight, 12-279-9, from Nuneaton, UK
  • Reggie “Raglin” Strickland, 66-276-17, from Indianapolis, IND
  • Kevin McCauley, 15-224-12, from Stourbridge, UK, still active
  • Jason Nesbitt, 10-198-4, from Birmingham, UK
  • Tiger Bert Ison, 116-184-40, from Leicester, UK
  • Ibrar ‘Smokin’ Riyaz, 6-180-4, from Reading, UK
  • Arnold “Kid” Sheppard, 98-172-39, from Ferndale, Wales
  • Simmie “Spider” Black, 33-170-3, from Little Rock, ARK
  • Donnie “The Spoiler” Penelton, 13-167-6, from Milwaukee, WI
  • William ‘Warby’ Warburton, 27-164-10, from Atherton, UK
  • Delroy Spencer, 14-156-3, from Wolverhampton, UK
  • Lewis Van Poetsch, 14-152-4, from Lydney, UK, still active
  • Matt Seawright, 5-146-5, from Tamworth, UK
  • Billy Smith, 13-145-2, from Lianelli, Wales
  • Jamie “Devil Child” Quinn, 10-143-2, from Stockport, UK, still active
  • Fonz Alexander, 8-143, from Newark, UK, still active
  • Ernie “Gypsy Boy” Smith, 13-142-5, from Stourport-on-seven, UK
  • Karl “Plug” Taylor, 16-142-7, from Laywood BC, UK
  • Brian Coleman, 24-141-7, from Birmingham, UK
  • Mazen Girke, 15-140-6, Mitte, Berlin, GER

Below are active boxers with 50 or more wins:

  • Roy Jones, Jr., 66-10, from Pensacola, FL
  • Miguel “Mickey” Roman, 65-14, from Ciudad, Juarez, MEX
  • Krzysztof “Diablo” Wlodacrzyk, 61-4-1, from Warsaw, POL
  • Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, 59-2-2, from Guadalajara, MEX
  • Newaphon Kaikanha, 58-2-1, from Bangkok, TH
  • Rene Huebner, 54-19-2, from Berlin, GER
  • Firat Arslan, 53-9-3, from Suessen, GER
  • Robin Krasniqi, 52-7, from Gersthofen, GER
  • Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez, 51-4, from Managua, NIC
  • Wisaksil Wangek, 51-6-1, from Si Sa Ket, TH

In addition to the above, Bheki Moyo, 0-73-2 from ZIM/UK, and Genadij Kravenski, ROM 0-51, to remain active.

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