Easy Fantasy NBA Tips for Matchday 34

The start of matchday 34 is just around the corner. Please note that the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers will not be playing. Therefore, players and coaches from both teams, including those who are injured, will receive their average score.


Zach Lavine (Chicago Bulls, 14.4 cr): Derozan’s quad injury has given Zach Lavine an opportunity. In a game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Lavine has the responsibility of leading his team to victory.

Malcolm Brogdon (Boston Celtics, 10.8 cr): With Jaylen Brown out for a week or two, Brogdon has a chance to shine. He has been coming off the bench since joining the Celtics.


Aaron Gordon (Denver Nuggets, 13.1 cr): With Jokic likely to be out against the Clippers, Gordon is expected to defend his paint against Zubac and Leonard.

Jaren Jackson Jr (Memphis Grizzlies, 12.8 cr): After a double-double against the Spurs, Jackson is expected to deliver an equally impressive performance against the Pacers.


Jonas Valanciunas (New Orleans Pelicans, 12.8 cr): Valanciunas may not be one of the most attractive centers in the league, but he is expected to perform well against an affordable opponent.


Nate McMillan (Atlanta Hawks, 5 cr): With the Pacers deprived of their most valuable player, McMillan and his team are expected to triumph in an exciting game.

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