Fantasy Euroleague, Playoff Tips

On a single day, there will be three inside/out matches and three passes for the Final Four in Cologne for Dunkest. The first Efes-Real match is at 6:45 pm, and the matchday ends with Barça-Zenit at 9 pm, with Milan-Bayern in the middle at 8:45 pm.


Kevin Pangos (Zenit St Petersburg, 11.9 CR): Pangos will do whatever it takes to do well and lead Zenit to a historic milestone. It’s an opportunity to play a fatal joke on his former team.

Sergio Llull (Real Madrid, 9.3 CR): Sergio is foolish until the end and obviously in Istanbul. He must be taken into consideration as a second guard. He needs to show his talent for putting off the last dance.


Will Thomas (Zenit St Petersburg, 11.4 CR): When people asked what the series would have been without Ponitka, the answer was “Ask Will.” He, along with Poythress, was at times more of a puller than Pangos and Baron. He was also able to limit Mirotic.

Alberto Abalde (Real Madrid, 8.8 CR): Abalde showed all his talent in the Madrid matches, but he’s still a rough diamond to be worked on. It could be a big confidence boost for him on a mental level.


Zach Leday (AX Armani Exchange Milan, 11 CR): Leday could be the factor of the series for Milan. He’ll be essential not to lose the seasonal goal: the Final 4, after game 1’s basket.

Usman Garuba (Bayern Munich, 8.7 CR): Garuba has the best choice in the quality/price ratio. He was the matador of Efes in Madrid races. He could score well even with Tavares returning. Others who cost less are not reliable at all.


Xavi Pascual (Zenit St Petersburg, 6.6 CR): With three do or die games, the choice of coach is really tough. We’re focusing on the Zenit coach to keep a line on tips we gave.

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