Formula 1 CEO Encourages Drivers to Remember the Bigger Picture

The CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, responded to criticism from certain drivers about changes made to the sport in recent seasons. Despite complaints from drivers such as Max Verstappen, F1 continues to experiment with sprint races. Following the first running of a revised, standalone version of the format in Baku, Verstappen stated that F1 should “just scrap the whole thing.”

Moreover, Liberty Media, the owner of F1, was criticized by several drivers for its latest innovation, a pre-race driver introduction used at the Miami Grand Prix. Nevertheless, Domenicali suggested that the changes had been made for the overall benefit of F1’s business. Drivers are part of a broader picture, and they should not always focus solely on themselves.

F1 will continue to revise the sprint race format that was introduced in 2021. The CEO stated that the specifics of the sprint weekend format would be reviewed at the end of the season following six events. Domenicali added that they would not have sprints every weekend but would provide value for money during each session.

Regarding Verstappen’s possible departure from F1, Domenicali was not overly concerned. The Red Bull driver is currently signed with the team until 2028, but regardless, the CEO indicated that Verstappen is likely to remain with F1, given his love for the sport and his success as a driver.

F1 is continuously looking to provide new experiences for fans and offer different ways for them to engage with the sport. Nevertheless, drivers should always remember that they are part of a bigger picture and that being challenged and stepping outside their comfort zones is essential for F1’s growth.

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