top 10 money lenders in singapore

1. 1 Fullerton Credit | Licensed No. 101/2022

1 Fullerton Credit formerly known as GM Creditz is touted as the best loan provider in the City Hall since 2009. It provides a wide array of unsecured loan options, including personal loan, foreigner loan, business loan, monthly loan, and payday loans. You can also use the loan for debt consolidation plans.

Having been in the industry for 12 years, the institution has established an excellent reputation as a “professional, efficient, and customer-oriented” loan agency– positive affirmations that directly came from its very own clients’ verified reviews. 

True to its promise and tagline “borrowing money made easy,” the agency offers hassle-free, fast, and affordable loan plans specially created for every individual’s unique objective. 

2. Bugis Credit | Licensed No. 27/2023

Bugis Credit is a top-notch financial institution that provides fast and efficient borrowing experiences to every customer. Since 2007, the years of experience has established an excellent reputation for being the go-to money lender in Bugis.

Whether you need a personal loan, foreigner loan, business loan, monthly loan, or payday loans, Bugis ensures that every client gets a customized loan contract that suits their budget and goals. 

On top of their excellent customer service, they are lauded for being a “reliable, efficient, and comfortable (to transact with)” money lender Singapore that you can count on every day.

3. Raffles Credit | Licensed No. 58/2022

Established in 2011, Raffles Credit has become one of the most well-known personal loan licensed money lenders in Raffles Place. They are frequently praised online for their professional staff and for going the extra mile to provide excellent customer service.

Raffles Credit envisions a world where everyone has easy access to all the financial help they will ever need, anytime, anywhere. That’s why they are constantly improving their services faster and more efficiently for their clientele. 

As claimed by the customers, you can get your personal loan, payday loans, and other types of loans within an hour and be assured that your monthly repayment plan is the package you can truly afford. 

4. A1 Credit | Licensed No. 20/2023

A1 Credit’s quality service is evident from the numerous excellent reviews, honors, and achievements they have received since 2011. 

With 4.9 out of 5 stars out of 188 reviews on Google reviews, A1 credit is a money lending company that takes customer service to a whole new level. Popular loan officers like Steven and Tracy are often mentioned on Google Reviews that gush over the officers going out of their way to lend a listening ear and perfect their loan contract with suitable short-term personal loan for them.

Moreover, A1 Credit guarantees that all customers— even those with bad financial history — receive immediate financing to resolve their needs quickly and properly, in the best way possible.

5. Fortune Credit | Licensed No. 34/2023

Well known for their friendly staff that constantly go above and beyond to help out local Singaporeans and foreigners alike, Fortune Credit has earned itself as one of the most reputable licensed moneylenders for unsecured loans (such as foreigner loans) in Singapore’s Bugis area. 

Since 2010, Fortune Credit has been commended for being a financial agency that offers a “comfortable, friendly, and efficient” borrowing experience to its clients. 

Friendly loan officers are often mentioned as some of the best loan advisors who deeply understand their clients and come up with the best-customized repayment plans to suit their financial needs.

6. 365 Credit Solutions | Licensed No. 19/2023

Since 2010, together with 11 years of being in the service of Singaporeans and foreigners alike, 365 Credit Solutions has been known for its good relationship with customers and unparalleled customer-centric approach–“friendly, helpful, and patient.”

They specialize in providing personal loan, foreigner loan, payday loans, business loan, and bridging loan with the lowest possible interest rates.

365 Credit Solutions also makes a conscious effort to educate their clients on their rights as a borrower by thoroughly discussing the loan terms, such as the maximum interest rates moneylenders can charge, and other charges and processing fees.

In addition, 365 Credit Solutions welcomes borrowers even with a low credit score as long as their income is steady and meets the minimum requirements. 

7. SME Care | Licensed No. 114/2021

Specializing in SME (Small Medium Enterprise) loans, SME Care offers an excellent funding alternative for business owners. Founded in 2009, SME Care has developed working relationships with SMEs in various industries, such as construction, F&B, shipping, retail, and more. Best of all, they are committed to providing swift and efficient credit approval.

8. Motor-way Credit | Licensed No. 120/2021

A leading pre-owned dealer of luxury, sports, and exotic cars in Singapore, Motor-Way also offers money lending services. They have been offering loan solutions to their clients since 1992. With Motory-Way, you can easily get personal loans and business loans that will suit your needs and your repayment capacity. Their success is the result of providing quality products and unparalleled service standards to their customers.

9. Prime Motor | Licensed No. 126/2021

A part of Prime Group, Prime Motor is a leading Parallel Importer/Retailer car dealership. Established in 1993, they also provide a quick and attractive in-house financing scheme. You can swiftly and easily get a car loan plan with their simple and secure application process. They have a high approval rate and can offer up to 95% financing with up to 8 years of loan tenure.

10. S G Credit | Licensed No. 94/2022

Established in 2009, S G Credit has more than a decade of experience in the money lending industry. They continue to strive to grant affordable, flexible loans to their clients. They offer personal loans, foreigner loans, and business loans. S G Credit delivers transparent and trustworthy service, offering only loan amounts within their client’s capacity to repay.

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