Bob Arum to Offer Devin Haney the Chance to Fight Winner of Josh Taylor vs. Teofimo Lopez at 140 lbs

Boxing promoter Bob Arum has announced that he will offer Devin Haney a chance to fight the winner of the upcoming match between Josh Taylor and Teofimo Lopez at 140 lbs. The offer would extend Haney’s contract with Top Rank.

If Haney struggles to make weight during his fight against Vasily Lomachenko, he may have to move up to 140 lbs instead of facing an opportunity to fight Gervonta Davis for the chance of earning a significant sum of money.

The offer to fight the Taylor-Lopez winner would provide Haney with the chance to become a world champion in the 140 lbs division with ease.

Arum has stated that the offer to Haney will still be available even if he loses to Lomachenko. However, some members of the boxing community may find it unfair for Haney to potentially be awarded a title shot despite struggling in his previous fight.

Boxing is now more about popularity than actual achievement, as demonstrated by Rolly Romero recently receiving a shot to fight for the vacant WBA light welterweight title.

Arum expects Haney to move up to 140 lbs since making weight has become problematic for the fighter. In turn, Arum suggests that if Haney decides to stay in the lightweight class, he should fight Shakur Stevenson next, a matchup that would boost both fighters’ popularity.

Brian Haney, Devin’s father, desires for his son to face Gervonta Davis next in what could be the most significant fight ever for Haney. It’s a fight that would earn Haney substantial rewards, and it could encourage him to go through the draining process to make the 135 lbs weight limit for another fight.

However, it’s unknown whether Haney has any interest in fighting Stevenson, as his talent and fighting style could be Haney’s kryptonite.

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