CM Punk’s Potential Return to AEW Still in Limbo Due to Legal Issues

CM Punk was conspicuously absent from the Collision announcement made by AEW. Speculations are high that he might return to the company soon, probably during Dynamite tonight. However, if he doesn’t show up, then that could end up being the biggest story.

Warner Bros Discovery, AEW’s parent company, already stated that CM Punk has no affiliation with AEW Collision. Despite several expectations, he has not been a part of any official announcement either.

Bryan Alvarez, speaking on Wrestling Observer Live, revealed that graphics had been made with CM Punk for Collision. Furthermore, an email was sent out that initially included CM Punk before he was taken out.

It remains a possibility that something went amiss with CM Punk’s AEW return. To some extent, this situation came about because CM Punk can be challenging to work with. Alvarez also added that there are some legal issues going on behind the scenes, which is why Tony Khan has not been allowed to talk about CM Punk since Brawl Out.

By all indications, AEW is doing well for Warner Bros Discovery, with another show in the pipeline. As for CM Punk, it is unclear whether he will indeed join AEW Collision. However, with FTR, House of Black, and Miro also part of the show, it does seem like Tony Khan has stacked the roster with potential allies for CM Punk.

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