Steve Smith replies to tweet claiming he was “terrorised by Jofra Archer” with hard-hitting facts

Steve Smith, the former Australian captain, responded fiercely to a tweet claiming that he was “terrorised by Jofra Archer” during the 2019 Ashes series between England and Australia. The tweet posted by ‘Code Cricket’ stated that Archer “terrorised Australia’s batsmen four years ago. But Steve Smith and Co. can breathe a huge sigh of relief after an update from England’s medical staff this evening.” In a reply that sent social media into a frenzy, Smith threw some hard-hitting facts at the Twitter page, stating, “Terrorised? Remind me when I was dismissed by him…”. Steve Smith (R) and Jofra Archer during 2019 Ashes.(Getty)

Smith, who has a phenomenal Ashes record against England, with 3044 runs at an average of 59.68 including 11 centuries, was praised for his response. In the legendary 2019 Ashes, Smith scored 744 runs and shattered several records, including becoming the highest scorer in a Test series in the last century, a performance many called “Bradmanesque”.

Following Smith’s response, a number of tweets praised him for his “swag” and ability to “own England” both on and off the field. The tweet referred to the famous 2019 Ashes series between England and Australia, in which Archer and Smith faced each other for the first time. Although Archer was able to trouble Smith with a barrage of bouncers during the Lord’s Test, Smith remained unbeaten by the England pacer.

Two years after the 2019 Ashes, Australia retained the urn against England by winning 4-0 at home in 2021, winning at Gabba, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart. The series did, however, witness a Round 2 between Archer and Smith as the England speedster recovered from the elbow injury that has ruled him out of the upcoming five-Test series beginning next month. Smith had an off-colour series, scoring just 244 runs.

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