How to Play Dunkest Fantasy Basketball

If you are a basketball fan and love fantasy sports, you should definitely check out Dunkest, which is an innovative Fantasy Basketball game that entertains thousands of fantasy coaches every season. Dunkest offers three available leagues: NBA, Italian LBA, and Euroleague, and has won the affection of more than 200,000 fantasy coaches who use it in two game modes.

What Is Dunkest?

Born in 2013, Dunkest is a popular Fantasy Basketball game that has rapidly gained popularity with basketball fans. It offers two game modes:

  • Classic mode: In this mode, you have 95 credits to choose ten players with non-exclusive rosters. Each player can belong to multiple fantasy coaches.
  • Draft mode: In this mode, you can hold an auction with your friends and create your own fantasy team to manage during the season. Fantasy teams have exclusive rosters, with each basketball player belonging to only one user.

With this guide, we’ll explain how to play Dunkest Classic Mode, and unveil some basic and advanced strategies!

1. Creating a Fantasy Team

With your Dunkest account, you can create up to three fantasy teams. Each fantasy team has 95 credits to purchase ten players and one head coach. In Classic Mode, rosters are non-exclusive. Other fantasy coaches may have the same basketball players as you, but they cannot see your team until the championship or each new Matchday starts.

Once created, your fantasy team will automatically be entered into three Main Leagues, including General, Country, and Favorite team. When the championship starts, your fantasy team will get a score based on the statistics recorded by your players in the real games, such as points, assists, blocks, rebounds, etc. With this score, you will challenge the other users of the game.

2. Can I Challenge My Friends?

With the Classic Mode, you can create or join Private Leagues (accessible only by invitation code) or Public leagues (open to all). These leagues can be made up of two types, including:

  • Classic Scoring: Each team is ranked based on their total points in each Matchday
  • Head-to-Head: Every team plays a match against another team in the league each Matchday. The team that scores more, wins.

4. How Is the Scoring Composed?

There are many statistical actions that make up the player’s score. Each one is assigned a point value. For example, one assist returns +1.5pts. Some of the main actions that contribute to the score include points, assists, rebounds, blocks, turnovers, and more. We recommend that you read the complete rules of NBA and Euroleague to check all the scoring actions.

5. Coach, Captain, and Bench

Other special features of the game include coach, captain, and bench positions. Coaches also get points based on their team’s performances. Among the players on the field, you have to choose a Captain, who doubles the score obtained in the Matchday. Additionally, the players you leave on the bench at the end of the Matchday get 50% of their scores.

6. Managing Your Team

When the first Matchday of the championship starts, the Fantasy Basketball season also begins, and from this moment, you can intervene on the team to improve it in different ways. Each Matchday is divided into Game Turns, or single days in which blocks of games are played. Between turns and between Matchdays, you can make field-bench substitutions by inserting players who have not yet played in place of players whose score has not satisfied you. You can also make transfers by selling your players, recovering their value in credits, and buying new ones. Each transfer will cost you a small penalty on the next Matchday score.

Is Everything Clear?

If you have any doubts about playing Dunkest Fantasy Basketball, you can always write to their Contact Page, and they will gladly add them to the guide. Enjoy playing Dunkest Fantasy Basketball!

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